The F.R.E.E. Team!!

Trent Hickes and Calley Crowley

Trent Hickes and Calley Crowley-Hickes
With combined career experience of over 25 years in and around the healthcare industry- Calley Crowley – a Registered Nurse, and her husband Trent Hickes are proud to partner with FREE International. The impact of human trafficking is very personal for Trent and Calley, in 2014 their daughter went missing from Montana and was eventually rescued from Las Vegas, NV. Today, their daughter is thriving, but unfortunately, there are countless others like her who have not been found; many of whom are trapped in the dark world of human trafficking.

It is now their mission to help in whatever way they can to reach those who are lost but not forgotten, and to bring them freedom, hope and restoration. As God leads, they both seek to carry out that mission by using both their professional experience as well as their personal testimony to educate, equip and empower frontline medical professionals to recognize human trafficking and help those are being exploited. By having the conversation, delivering insight and knowledge, as well as developing and implementing tools, they seek to engage and mobilize providers and associates across the national healthcare system in the fight to end human trafficking.