“Our lives begin to end the day

we become silent about things that matter.”

–Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We help coordinate restoration. Restoration of victim’s shattered lives.

Identification is not enough. By its very nature human trafficking gives its victims little hope of escape. It uses physical force and psychological manipulation, or even the law itself to keep people trapped in servitude. Victims need help breaking free. They need rescue. They need to be restored. At F.R.E.E. we support restoration through our partner-shelter Oasis and by providing much needed resources and services for communities that are at-risk for exploitation.

These are the programs of RESTORE

(Coming Soon) F.R.E.E International’s partner shelter Oasis is a 16,000 square foot newly-renovated building which sits on five beautiful acres in the heartland of America. Oasis, when fully operational, will care for up to 18 girls at a time, ages 11-16 who have been victims of sex trafficking, providing them with a safe home, an education, counseling, life skills training and medical and dental care. All of this is set in the context of the care, support and strong spiritual guidance of a local church community.

[Coming in 2017] F.R.E.E. will soon have the ability to dispatch two large support vehicles to low-income, under-served neighborhoods where traffickers are known to recruit the vulnerable. The Mobile Service Vehicles will provide medical and legal services, immigration help and other vital programs. They will be equipped to operate as communication centers during regional emergencies, such as natural disasters and missing children searches.

I’ll Help to RESTORE!