The F.R.E.E. Team!!

Michael and Denise Bartel

Michael and Denise BartelFounders and Executive Directors
The Bartels have worked as a pastors, educators, and anti-human trafficking activists both in Southern Asia and in the United States. Michael and his wife Denise began their work with victims of human trafficking in 2004 as a part of an international organization working to rescue and restore victims of human trafficking throughout the Eurasia region. Seeing the overwhelming need in the United States and sensing a growing desire from faith based organizations and communities at large to do something about it, the Bartels’ returned to the United States in 2007 to start FREE International.

FREE International is facilitating, leading, and organizing a unique collaborative model for eradicating Human Trafficking. FREE’s vision is to pursue our four-tier strategy to (F)ind, (R)estore, (E)mbrace, (E)mpower in an effort to develop an exportable boots on the ground model focused on eradicating labor and sex slavery throughout our nation and develop long term, sustainable safe homes and residential programs for those who have been commercially exploited for sex. The Bartel’s are internationally recognized speakers and Anti Human Trafficking advocates. Michael has twice presented to the National Association of Attorneys General on Human Trafficking and community engagement around the Super Bowl representing the Blitz the Traffickers Coalition.

The Bartel’s have two children Dylan Cash (after Bob and Johnny) and Veronika Grace. The Bartel’s love all outdoor sports, camping, the State of Montana and great coffee.

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