This is F.R.E.E. International’s story so far…

We aren’t alone in this fight.

We couldn’t have made it this far without the support and efforts of so many other individuals and organizations.

Together is how we will eradicate modern-day slavery. 

Working for several years in India to combat human trafficking, Michael and Denise Bartel realized the issue was not just a foreign problem. Upon their return to the U.S. they founded F.R.E.E. International and continued the fight against modern day slavery here in the states.

A 501c3 nonprofit organization, F.R.E.E. International began in 2007 headquartered in New York City and worked throughout the country to raise awareness about human trafficking and trained local communities how to mobilize and be effective in abolishing slavery.

Currently, we have F.R.E.E. team members working throughout every region of the U.S. with local law enforcement, attorney general’s offices, churches, schools, and local and state governments. A core belief of ours is that we are most effective in the fight when the strengths of others are brought to the table and coordinated effectively.

Today, our headquarters are in Las Vegas, a city known for it’s depravity, a city we know as Ground Zero in the ongoing battle to FREE those trapped in slavery.

I’m for FREEdom!