“You may choose to look the other way,

but you can never again say  you didn’t know.”

William Wilberforce

They’re out there – in your nearest major city, or maybe at the hole-in-the-wall bar downtown,

or the day spa – victims of human trafficking and the commercial sex trade. They’re out there and they’re not far away. But you could go your whole life walking right by them and never know it. The first step, and perhaps the most difficult, in freeing people from modern-day slavery, is to find the enslaved people and the places where they’re being exploited.

F.R.E.E. International goes into the many places where exploitation occurs and brings training, education and a way out for those who are being victimized. We do not break down doors and force our way into situations, we build relationships, we come alongside and offer a way out to a life of FREEdom.

These are the programs of FIND

F.R.E.E. International collaborates with KlaasKids Search and Rescue to organize community search efforts to find missing children. F.R.E.E. and KlassKids train volunteers on how to search and communicate with families and law enforcement through experienced liaisons.

Human traffickers use major events as opportunities to ply their trade. In fact, more people will be bought, sold and pressed into servitude during Super Bowl weekend than at any other time of the year. F.R.E.E. shows up at these events to counter the traffickers. We help police departments and local organizations to identify and help victims, train hotel employees to do the same, conduct missing child searches and hold school assemblies to educate local youth.

Whether they are aware of it or not hotels are frequently used by traffickers as places of business, locations where they “sell their product.” Through Project H.O.M.E. (Hospitality Outreach for Missing and Exploited), we educate staff working in the hospitality industry on how to identify and help victims. We also distribute soaps and door hangers that encourage victims to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline for help.

The exploitation of children is not solely an international problem. We face it here, in our country and in our own communities. And our children should be aware. F.R.E.E holds Say Something assemblies at schools nationwide to inform our youth about the reality of commercial sexual exploitation. The presentation focuses on peer intervention and prevention. It asks students to take a stand and intervene in their own lives, the lives of their friends and the community around them.

F.R.E.E leads individuals, churches and nonprofit organizations out onto the streets – to strip clubs and brothels – and teaches them how to build relationships with and meet the needs of victims of the commercial sex trade.

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