“Only a life lived for others

is a life worthwhile.”

Albert Einstein

And yet trafficking will never end so long as we remain blind

to its existence and ill-equipped to confront it. Yes, it will take the conviction of a generation to force back the flow of exploitation. We must empower ourselves, our families and our communities to fight back.

The survivors need us. They need the resources we can provide, they need the prayer and encouragement we can show them, and most of all they need to know there are strangers out there who care about them and who are not there to judge them for what they have survived.

The following programs are how F.R.E.E. International is helping to empower communities, individuals and survivors.

Programs that EMPOWER

No one person or organization will cure the world of human trafficking. Education and collaboration are necessary to stamp out trafficking community by community. F.R.E.E. International trains individuals and groups – from families to law enforcement, healthcare agencies and schools to churches and civic organizations – on how to be part of the solution.

Trafficking victims have an urgent need for proper legal representation. F.R.E.E. keeps a national, constantly growing database of legal resources. We also worked with the University of Miami Law School to offer the first fellowship program specific to human trafficking.


F.R.E.E invites recent college graduates to work as part of our Las Vegas team. Participants will gain ‘boots on the ground’ experience in fighting trafficking on the very front line. They’ll be taught extensively about the issue of human trafficking, on search and rescue and on leadership development. Commit emphasizes effectiveness before self-glory and empathy in order to act as the hands and feet of Christ.