Embrace defined is to take or clasp in the arms,

or to encircle, surround, enclose.

Once they’re out, what then?
Do their troubles suddenly end?

Certainly not. The damage done by their enslavement needs to be healed. Most people cannot begin to imagine the horrors experienced during their imprisonment. How do you begin to trust people again? Trust that you will not be exploited, abused…for another person’s pleasure?

How do you take those shattered pieces and put them back together in the form of a life with healthy relationships, a home, children? Most victims can’t see past tomorrow, they need support and resources, both physical and spiritual, and the embrace of humanity.

These are the programs of EMBRACE

Prayer is foundational to all the work F.R.E.E. does. PRAY 1-4-1 is a 40-day prayer initiative in which individuals, families or churches commit to 40 days of prayer for a real girl caught in the commercial sex industry. These are girls we know or one of our partners knows. Their needs are real, and their struggles are real.

F.R.E.E International helps victims through all levels of their involvement in trafficking, including the moment they leave the life of slavery. We help with transportation tickets to wherever home is; with food, clothing and personal items; and with vouchers for emergency stays at a hotel. Whatever their immediate needs are, F.R.E.E. is there to help them take the next step towards freedom.