Untitled design (1)I met a young woman whose sister and sister’s husband had trafficked her from the age of nine years old. Multiple strangers had purchased her childhood and left her with nightmares. You wouldn’t know it though looking at her, she was smiling and funny and still had a spark in her eyes.

As she told me her story, it made me ill, and sad, and angry. BUT, she had found hope in the midst of all the horrible things that had been done to her, someone had found out what was happening and rescued her from it. She was staying at a shelter when I met her, a mother at nineteen to a precious 2-year old boy and she was looking forward to raising him to be a kind and gentle man.

Does this story make you feel a little better about your family? The reason I share it today is to thank you for being a supporter of FREE International. We didn’t rescue this young woman, some caring stranger did, but there are thousands like her that need us. They need us to keep searching, keep spreading the word, keep training and equipping, keep telling the younger generation how NOT to become a victim!! They need us to pray and to be there for them when they are rescued to provide for their immediate needs.

YOU are a part of that! And we are so grateful. Find out how you can help FIND, RESTORE, EMBRACE, and EMPOWER in the fight against modern-day slavery, for the next precious woman who finds her way to freedom, for her children and the generations to come. #UntilEveryoneisFREE