The Cost of Her Childhood

I met a young woman whose sister and sister's husband had trafficked her from the age of nine years old. Multiple strangers had purchased her childhood and left her with nightmares. You wouldn't know it though looking at her, she was smiling and funny and still had a spark in her eyes. As she told [...]

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Search and Rescue: Hotels

I could hear it: the angry forceful tone on the other end of the receiver. I think men get angry when they’re desperate. That’s what it was: a desperate anger, frustrated and insistent. I wasn’t even on the phone with him, but I knew. “No, I haven’t seen your daughter…. We don’t rent to minors, [...]

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International vs. Domestic Trafficking

When most people think of human trafficking, they think that it only occurs overseas. That is not the case. Human trafficking happens overseas, as well as our own country. Broadening our perspective on human trafficking and its geographic nature, allows us to be aware of what is going on in our own back yards. In [...]

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Sex Trafficking

A 14 year old girl is sold to a dozen men a day for sex inside of a trailer that is within miles of a prestigious college in South Carolina. This is sex trafficking. […]

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