F.R.E.E. International has been in the fight against human trafficking

long before the majority of people even knew there was a problem.

For many Americans who hear the words Human Trafficking 2 things come to mind.

“It’s a problem that takes place overseas in some far off country.”

“Our children here in the U.S. are not at risk to become victims of sex trafficking.”

These are both dangerous misconceptions.

Join the Fight!
The percent of U.S. citizens who were victims in confirmed sex trafficking cases. (Dept. of Justice)
Human trafficking was reported in all 50 states last year.
Estimated # of U.S. children at-risk of being sex trafficked. (Dept. of Justice)
Every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of human trafficking.

F.R.E.E. International is a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in 2007 because founders Mike and Denise Bartel believed then, and still do, that every man, woman and child should be FREE from slavery!

Since our humble beginnings in New York City, F.R.E.E. has established a national reputation for collaboration, working with a variety of government agencies, the faith community and other nonprofits working for the same cause, and for our high level of coordination, bringing people from all different areas and uniting them in the tasks at hand in the fight against modern-day slavery.

Now headquartered in Las Vegas, we specialize in training communities all across the nation to identify human trafficking and fight it with education as well as providing survivor support. We also specialize in helping survivors rebuild their lives by meeting practical needs, providing legal help and connecting them with a variety of vital resources. #UntilEveryoneisFREE

F.R.E.E. International works  in the following ways

  • Teaching kids about the vulnerabilities of being trafficked and what to do about it

  • Training law enforcement and healthcare agencies how to recognize the signs of being a victim of sex trafficking

  • Administer legal help to survivors

  • Equip communities to create cultural change around the issue of human trafficking

  • Self defense and awareness classes for at-risk women

  • Provide missing children search and rescue support for partnering organizations

  • Shelter and services for underage victims of sex trafficking

  • Coordination with law enforcement to extract victims and provide for their immediate needs

  • Training the hospitality industry how to recognize the signs of sex trafficking and how to work with law enforcement to stop it

  • Establishing a positive presence in at-risk neighborhoods by meeting the basic needs of the population

  • Provide prayer support for women working within the commercial sex trade

  • Create Missing Children’s books to pass out to law enforcement and the hospitality industry during a major event

  • COMING 2016: Regional Command Vehicles will be able to assist in supporting search and rescues, as well as, provide support services to low-income, high risk areas.